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Hi there, if you are reading this then you likely found your way to my website and I would like to say thank you for stopping by and take a moment to introduce myself.  

My name is Jamie Shook and I am the owner and artist of Jamie Shook Fine Art. As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed art. Whether it be wandering out into the woods as a child and spending hours sketching the beautiful scenery around me, spending time with my grandma making crafts, dancing or simply allowing music to take me to a different world for a moment in time, I have always had a passion for the creative and not just any one medium either.

It is funny how life evolves and the paths we take can sometimes lead us in directions we never thought we would go. I didn't end up taking the path of art in my pursuit of higher education. I chose the business path and spent years in business marketing which I truly enjoyed for many years until I began to itch with a desire for something different. Something more. 

I believe that itch was the inner creative in me waiting to get out! It was at this point in my journey that I launched a family photography business (which led to a second branch of fine-art photography) and I have been evolving as an artist ever since.

Step by step and experience upon experience has led to me to where I am today adding a branch of fine-art to my business offerings under the brand “Jamie Shook Fine Art”. I consider myself a mixed-media artist and enjoy a variety of mediums (acrylic on canvas and resin art specifically). I paint from within revealing the world as I see it. I am a self-taught artist as my educational background is in business marketing. I don't consider this a weakness though. I consider it a gift because I have the liberty to paint outside the lines both through the lens of my camera and the bristles of my brush without overthinking rules and theories which can sometimes hinder creativity. Do I make mistakes? Sure...but are they truly mistakes or just opportunities to create something magical?

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